Don't be concerned about "bothering" the police. Don't dwell on your possible embarrassment if your suspicions turn out to be unfounded. Instead, think of what might happen if you don't act immediately!

The following examples of what to watch for may be helpful in determining when to call for help:

- A stranger entering a neighbor's home while the neighbor is away, someone crossing your yard or a neighbor's yard, anyone trying to open a neighbor's door, or a moving truck or van pulling up to open a neighbor's home while they are away.

- Someone carrying items (such as a television or stereo) at an unusually late hour into his or her home, especially if it does not appear that the property is wrapped as if recently purchased.

- The sound of breaking glass.

- Anyone observed peering into vehicles while walking down the street; someone removing tags, gasoline, or accessories from a vehicle; or someone attempting to enter a vehicle using a coat hanger or other gadget. Never assume that it is the owner who has mistakenly locked his or her keys in a vehicle; be suspicious of anyone tampering with the doors, hood or trunk of a vehicle.

- An improperly parked car, an abandoned vehicle, or someone leaving one vehicle and driving away in another one.

- Anyone being forced into a vehicle.

- Persons loitering around schools, parks, secluded areas, or in neighborhoods where they do not live or work.

- Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle, especially around schools or parks with young people, or a constant flow of strangers to and from a particular house regularly, especially at late hours.

- Offers of merchandise or repair work at unusually low prices.

- Persons involved in a fight or any loud explosions or screams are suspicious.

  • Home

    Whether you are at home, in your car or at work, you may be a potential target for crime. First Alert Professional Security Systems has a booklet called "How to Make A Habit of Personal Safety". Developed with the National Crime Prevention Council, this brochure provides over 150 tips designed to ensure the personal safety of your family, including information on burglary prevention, car theft and street sense.

    Trim shrubs back to avoid giving burglars cover. Keep garages and sheds closed and locked at all times. When advertising valuable items for sale, give only your phone number, not your street address. Do not leave doors unlocked while working in the yard. Consider installing an electronic security system to monitor for burglary, fire and personal emergency.

    If you park in a commercial garage or lot, always leave just the ignition key with the attendant. Do not park near a van, which can block an assault from the view of others. From 20 to 30 feet away from your car, look underneath it. As you prepare to enter, look in the back seat and to the side. Some power doors unlock all locks simultaneously, so lock doors immediately. If you are grabbed by an assailant, toss the keys as far as you can. This way, the assailant will typically go for the keys and not force you into the car.

    Know the neighbourhoods where you live and work. Check locations of police and fire stations, public telephones, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations or stores that are open late. Use automated teller machines in the daylight. Don't wear headphones while walking or jogging. If you think someone is following you when you are in your car, don't head home. Drive to the nearest police or fire station or open business to get help.

  • Business

    Running a business requires long hours and dedication. At First Alert Professional, we realize these demands because our authorized dealers own and operate their companies. Hand-picked for their commitment to customer service, each dealer is extremely knowledgeable about the best ways to secure your facility.

  • A Variety of Options

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